About Us

Newfoundland Home Remodeling was conceived out of great affection for older homes and a passion for restoring them.

Over the years, we’ve recognized the value of providing outstanding customer service. Our dedication to satisfaction-oriented approach has earned us a solid reputation for honesty and reliability; gaining respect from our partner local suppliers, leading manufacturers, and individual homeowners alike.
The kind of success that our Dallas home remodeling company has reached entails more than just meeting the customers’ needs and wants. That’s why we commit ourselves to:
  • Quality workmanship
  • Innovative products
  • Excellent service
Our business principle of doing the job right or not doing the job at all continues to fast-track our growth as a company.


We are Dallas’s top-notch home remodeling company with a highly experienced and dedicated team of professional contractors. Newfoundland Home Remodeling can be your turnkey home renovation solution with our state-of-the-art design and remodeling process and beginning-to-end project management.
Our full-service design showroom is manned by a highly qualified crew and offers a wide array of cabinetry, trims, paints, and floor covering materials. There won’t be any delay between design approval and the start of construction. We are fully equipped and ready to begin construction as soon as you are amenable with the design and budget. You need not wait for a protracted bid process that could delay construction by several months.
Newfoundland Home Remodeling is so confident about our work that we back them up with warranties for your peace of mind. We are devoted to your satisfaction and our own high level of quality standards. We believe in forging relationships that last the life of your most prized possession, and many customers return for more projects throughout that lifetime.
We are active in local and national professional associations and are fully licensed and insured home remodeling company in Dallas.

We Treat Each Home-Remodeling Project As A Work Of Art To Be Created.

We never treat any project as just an assembly line product. For our team of expert home remodelers, there’s no such thing as a “routine” job. It’s essential to understand the configuration, structure, and construction of your home when performing any remodel. The slightest details – even the ones others are prepared to ignore or look over – are the details that make the difference between a job done almost right and a job done PRECISELY right.
It’s why we make every effort to hire the best of the best people we can find. From our master craftsmen to our office receptionist, our team is comprised of courteous and highly competent people that feel as passionate about home remodeling as we do.

We Do Everything Entirely “By The Book.”

We only use the highest quality materials and cutting edge tools. Our remodeling specialists are well-trained professionals who sincerely care about workmanship and settle for nothing less than superiority. We stand behind our work. And unlike some amateur contractors, we refuse to cut corners or sacrifice any of our standards.
We are mostly proud of the team that we have brought together here at Newfoundland Home Remodeling. If you would like to know more about us and our services, and how we can contribute to making your dream home remodeling project into a reality, all you need to do is fill out the form at the right and schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience.
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