Best Wood Types for Kitchen Cabinetry

Hardwood is often an elegant option for kitchen cabinetry and is one that will remain in style forever. Different hardwoods feature various characters depending on mineral deposits, knots, and grains. Whereas you cannot go wrong on any of the available wood options in the market, here is a guide of some most popular woods for the bathroom and kitchen cabinetry to help you settle on the appropriate choice for your space.


Well, renowned for its strength, this particular type of wood is also less expensive because of its abundance in the modern market. For this reason, oak is a common kind of wood in many homes and has maintained a positive reputation for many centuries. It is the toughest option of all the hardwoods and at the same time resistant to resistant. The grain may be fairly textured, making it ideal for traditional or rustic kitchen cabinetry.


Beech has closed grain, which means that it has pores that feel smooth and are tiny. Color shades range from light brown to blonde-haired person, and is very sturdy and durable, being second to oak alone.


George Washington managed to cut down his cherry tree while he was a child probably because this wood is very soft. It is the most elegant and contemporary option of all the hardwoods currently installed in homes. Moreover, since it takes very well to stains, it can be designed to look vintage. The rich, warm color darkens with time, being as expensive as it looks.


The dense and vivid variations in hickory’s grain and color patterns make it a very bold hardwood option for your kitchen cabinetry. You can have different shades and flows in a particular piece of hardwood, but it is also smooth and easily susceptible to stains. For a fashionista homeowner who would like to highlight their kitchen cabinetry, hickory is an excellent option to choose.


Pale red to brown-red, alder features grains that can be entirely clear to rustic with lots of streaks and knots. It takes well to finishes and stains, making it an extremely versatile hardwood option for your kitchen cabinetry.


Maple is extremely popular for its versatility character, ranging from country kitchens to contemporary ones. Its grain is uniform, tight and consistent. Any existing streaks would darken when stained. Such curling waves and fine lines are considered very attractive, and would increase the beauty and value of the wood.


Birch is a soft and lush wood that stains very well. It is more or less similar to cherry; smooth to the touch, and with subtle patterns that make a room feel cozy and warm.


This is an easily recognizable wood, being the softest and highly susceptible to dents and scratches. It is best in bathrooms and kitchens that are prone to spills and moisture. The pale yellow color shades can be stained easily, featuring very distinct knots. They provide pine with a rustic, country look and feel that elevates any customary home.